Sunday, October 15, 2006

What A Weekend (Part One)

Friday night was my first official DC Blogger happy hour. I know there are going to be many ‘recaps’ posted but here are some of my fuzzy memories.

First of all – I must say that I was nervous for a number of reasons.
I felt like the math geek being invited to a party with all of the cheerleaders and jocks. Would they like me? Would they be nice? Would they be mean? Cliquey? Or conversely, would THEY turn out be not quite as fabulous as their ramblings, musings, rantings,, and sagas would lead me to believe?

So after much heming and hawing I decided to go because

#1. 66’s cajoling** efforts needed to be rewarded as did the fact that I could no longer exchange witty electronic banter on a daily basis with him without having met in person!

#2. I have adored Hey Pretty ever since her ode to the container store and she promised to hover with me in a smoky, dry humored haze in the event that the cliques were out in full force

#3. Velvet promised to go with me and basically hold my hand while I put down my laptop and stepped into the real world.

Long story short, can I can’t remember having a better time with a better group of people.


66 was just as sweet, friendly and polite as I had expected. Perhaps more so even.

WonL is just a firecracker of friendly fun, running around, talking to everyone, taking pictures, etc. TOOO cute.

Hey Pretty….HP and I definitely held to our plan of quick, sarcastic, smokey hazed, devilishly honest conversation. And our evening didn’t nearly stop after we said goodbye to our fellow bloggers (a subject for another post).

Velvet was her usual, sweet self and she even BAKED COOKIES! To a domestically challenged urbanite such as myself, this is truly impressive (I don’t care if you DID just take them out of the package and put them on the cookie sheet…you don’t use your oven for storage and obviously know how to turn it on! Which is more than I can say.)

Circle V is even more gorgeous in person than her beautiful pictures and so nice.

View from Dupont is a little bundle of energy – and we have even planned a debaucherous fieldtrip so definitely stay tuned for that one!

Ashburnite was hilarious and was apparently given blogging orders from a mutual friend to look out for me as I would be nervous J

Good at Drinking Bad at Life was also charming and is, in fact…good at drinking

There is no way to describe Brunch Bird as anything other than completely elegant and lovely.

And then there were the Reds…my fiery haired sisters of the blogging world.

Red is just beautiful inside and out and with more crazy stories of dating than I do! Seriously…when are we going to hear about serial killer???

And KassyK….I must say I’ve never considered myself a groupie, hell, Matt Daemon bought me a beer and I kept my cool…but I must admit, I was so very very excited to meet this woman. She is perhaps the sweetest, coolest girl I have ever met. She’s the cheerleader, the and prom queen and the girl next door. She’s the girl from summer camp that you just want to hang out with all the time and life seems so much better just because she’s there. So yes, pin the groupie medal here and I will start the KassyK fan club tomorrow.

So thank you, thank you, DC bloggers for SUCH a welcoming, wonderful, amazing evening (even though I was hungover well into Saturday).

*Oh! But if I heard “you really DO have red hair” one more time, I was going to scream. Yes, people, my hair is red J What did you think this was? False advertising?

**His phrase not mine


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