Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let My Aura Breathe!

Ridiculous –

So I get on the metro this morning, and I’m running late, it’s about 8:30 so the train isn’t exceptionally crowded, which is nice. I step into the doorway and on the left side of the aisle the first and second row of seats are empty. How lovely.

Now I don’t like sitting in the first row if I can avoid it, I like having a barrier of sorts in front of me (yes, I’m neurotic, I know) so I make my way to the second row, and have a seat next to the window and begin to get settled, put my purse down beside me and open my Examiner.

I’m all cozy and settled with Butch Walker drowning out the din of the metro car (dark, noisy little world, remember?) when a man comes up and stands by my seat in the implied gesture of ‘I want to sit here’.

I’m so confused (which happens easily and often before I have my coffee). There is a empty row in front of me…and empty row to the right of me…Hell! Besides the fanny-pack-clad tourists at the other end of the car, we were practically the only people in the car! Doesn’t this man know the unspoken rule of the metro that “if there is a seat readily available that is NOT next to another person you take THAT seat!? And you must AVOID sitting next to someone if at all humanly possible??”

So um…um…ok……move my purse and my raincoat (they forecast said rain!) and skootch over so this man may sit beside me because apparently it’s the ONLY place in this ENTIRE car that he could sit. And because I was next to the window, it would have been awkward for me to switch seats…besides I was there first, dammit! So I calmed down a bit, maybe this is easily explained and he’s just getting off at the next station. No….5…count them…FIVE stops later, he finally gets off. At the Pentagon no less...well...THAT's comforting.

You might be saying, Red it’s obvious. Was he cute? Maybe he wanted to strike up a conversation? No no no no no. Russell Crowe/Clive Owen he was NOT. And to tell you the truth, not even a sexy Aussie accent could have made him any more attractive. He was I’m guessing 47, very into his blackberry, no attempt to do the creepy ‘let me be your sugar daddy’ come on. Which leaves me even MORE baffled.

I'm sorry, sir, are you imaginary friends sitting in the seats surrounding us??

Why, why creepy metro man did you have to invade my safety circle when we both could have enjoyed our separate commutes well…. Separately?

Ya know, I should have just turned to him and said….excuse me, sir…but my Aura needs room to breathe.

Side Notes:

The drilling continues. Yesterday, they set off the fire alarm and while the clanging of the fire bell DID manage to drown out the sound of the drilling – evacuating the building and standing outside for 45 minutes wasn’t exactly my idea of a productive afternoon.

Project Runway: Drama Drama Drama!
Jeffery – your wife is creepy looking and I’m pretty sure Laura’s right…you cheated!
Laura – you are the most fabulous pregnant woman I’ve ever seen!
Uli – kind of annoying me…not lovin the outfits
Micheal – the sequins on shirt pockets??? Ya…not so much

Song of the day: I Wish I Were a Punk Rocker: Sandi Thom


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