Friday, October 27, 2006

The Canadian & The Punk Rock Fairy*

Ok - it's about time I had to do it. I have to come clean.

There is a character that, while a leading man in a former blogging life, has yet to make a guest appearance in this daily drama we affectionately know as "A Taste of Red." In the Irish Red E-True Hollywood Story (as yet unmade) a large portion of the subject of romance between 2003-2006 (and beyond?) will be taken up by a boy we will call 'The Canadian' (because...well...he FACT Canadian...yes, I know I'm just THAT creative).

So when the E! Channel finally catches on they will tell how I met this gorgeous, 6'7, brillant, funny, JFK Junior look-a-like in 2003 while shopping in Hecht's just before Christmas. I will smile as I recall that he asked to take me out to lunch right there and then drinks that night. And when he left the table to go to the restroom I called MK (my then roommate) and said "this is it. I'm having drinks with the man I'm going to marry." (What did I know? I was 23!)

They will show scenes of us blissfully happy for about 6 months, they will show scenes of us beginning to fight after month 4 because he wouldn't introduce me to his friends, because he was emotionally unavailable, because I did not feel like I was a part of his life. After several interviews of MK and Barbie #1, 2 & 3, saying how much he hurt me, they will pan to shots of me crying when he told me he was leaving for a year (his law firm was transfering him to Switzerland).

They will then mention that he was only gone 3 months, during which time we talked, chatted and emailed almost every day and he apologized, flirted, promised everything would be different, and so I welcomed him back with open arms (and a lovely black lace ensemble from Victorias Secret). And then they will interview me and say "tell us how you felt when The Canadian told you he had decided to go back to Canada for law school." And a tear will creep down my cheek, and I will try not to smudge my mascara as I wipe it away.

And I will say "it hurt but I tried to be supportive and make the best of the time we had". And they will ask "And what happened when you found out that he had cheated on you with multiple women over the course of your year and half relationship?" And another tear will creep down as they cut to Barbie #1 who will tell them about the night I called her crying. Oh - but how quickly the Canadian came a'runnin when I started dating someone else! (Again, wanting what you can't have?)

And then they will cut to a commercial break as the viewers are wondering - how in the world did they get back together? Well, we haven't established that they have, yet.

But before you start burning Canadian flags on my behalf, o darling defenders of Red, we started talking again this Christmas on a conditional basis. The conditions being the I WOULD meet his friends that I WOULD be a part of his life. That he WOULD NOT stand me up. That he WOULD remember, celebrate and purchase gifts for my birthday. And any remnents, traces, or residue traces of lying, emotional witholding or dishonesty of any kind and it was over.

So far, he has been true to his word I have since met friends, he has been more emotionally expressive and available. And so far so good. However we are not officially 'together'. I didn't want a long distance relationship because that just opens the door to lying, cheating, etc. It's an ambiguous scenario at best.

So here we are. When we're together, we're together and when we're not...well...i obviously haven't closed myself off to other options. But he is still a part of my life and before I start venting and bitching and stressing about the situation on here, which I have needed to do (get ready, sports fans), i didn't believe I could do it properly if ya'll weren't entirely up to speed.

So now you know. And there it is.


On a lighter note - this weekend's goolish festivities will include me sporting punk rocker garb (sanz fairy wings...HATE the fairy wings. Who ever heard of a punk rock fairy anyway?). Should be fun!!

*Doesn't that sound like a Mother Goose Fairy Tale on Crack?

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