Frankly, Scarlett

I'm a 30 something single, chronic smart ass who thinks the Universe doesn't quite play fair but concedes that it is not without a sense of humor. Cocktail in hand, I spend my days terrorizing the greater Washington, D.C. area with an arsenal of sarcasm, a fair amount gumption and a big ol'  smile. I am a feisty redhead with a spirit to match. 

I enjoy almost nothing as much a University of Michigan football game on crisp October morning, beer in hand, except for maybe a glass of wine on the balcony. I am a royal pain in the ass, but the cuteness tends softens the blow. 

I love all things historic, farmer's markets on Sundays, cobblestone streets, fluffy blankets, spicy red wine, and rainy London nights. I play golf horribly, tennis poorly, and the piano reasonably well. I enjoy audio books, alternative rock and Dar Williams. I collect owls, vintage children's books, coffee mugs and toe rings.

I enjoy this medium of expression because you won't be distracted by my face or my cleavage as you read. I seem to have a much more notable a talent for written rather than verbal communication and thus choose the former. I make no apologies for this blog or its contents. Both my mood and my mind often change and thus any silly musings sent out into the blogger void should be taken for what they are.  I write when the mood strikes me, which could be every day or every week, or once a year. 

As for the rest....

I welcome you, dear reader.