Friday, November 2, 2007

Attractive Messes??

I don’t understand men. No this is not a novel revelation - just a perpetual confusion that seems to be compounded daily.

This afternoon I walked over to the corner CVS in search of the usual – milk, cereal, and cat food. Seeing as how I drug my hung over ass out of bed only a few hours before I had not washed my hair, I had not applied makeup, I had not taken the time to dress in anything more becoming than a faded pair of blue jeans and my favorite, bulky gray sorority sweatshirt and an old pair of sneakers. Not my most attractive day.

As I was pursuing the aisles and decided exactly what kind of cereal I wanted (special K vs. Lucky Charms…the truly important decisions in ones life) I carelessly bumped into a fellow shopper.

As I softly apologized and briefly lookup up at the person to whom I was apologizing to.

About 6’2, blonde, wavy hair, ice blue eyes, long black wool coat, a black sweater and lucky jeans. And I thought to myself – of course. Of course when I look like crap I bump into mr. tie me down in the cookie aisle of CVS on a Saturday afternoon!

Oh well. I shrug it off and continue on my mission for skim milk. Then while in the check out aisle, he bumps into ME. I give him a pursed lipped ‘its ok’ smile and stared intently at the contents of my red shopping basket. When I looked up, mr. please do things to me that would make a porn star blush, was outside, facing the inside of the store, holding door open for the elderly couple he came in with (which I would assume are his parents), looking right at me, and smiling. I quickly looked away and then I looked back, our eyes met, and he flashed me the cutest smile ever. I couldn’t help but smile back J

The question is, what the hell was he doing smiling at me when I looked like such a mess? Why do cute guys smile at me when I’m a mess and ignore me when I’m all dolled up?

Frankly, I just don’t get it.