Wednesday, December 24, 2008

U.S. Airways Gets COAL from SANTA!

I have been on the phone with U.S. Airways for the past 90 Minutes and I may or may not be going home for Christmas due not to the blizzards flurrying around the country - but MECHANICAL DIFFICULTIES!! 

Un-fucking believeable.

I want to cry.

Anyone feel like praying for a Christmas miracle for moi?


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trade Offs

Its AMAZING how much time one finds on one’s hands when one is NOT getting laid. The inverse correlation of battery purchases to lack of sex is ALSO astounding (energizer keeps going and going my ass!)

And so here’s what I’ve been up to to keep busy:


Now lest you get an unpleasant image of Scarlett’s ass spreading out of control, let me assuage your fears. The food I’m referring to, is the food I’ve been COOKING. #7 on the list of phrases you’d never thought you’d see me write! (Sandwiched between “Don’t pop the cork on that bottle Veuve” and “Stylist, please make me a brunette!”)

So ya, Rachael Ray is my hero and Food Network is my new best friend (don't judge). Some of the especially tasty things I’ve made recently include: Pumpkin Penne Pasta, Gorgonzola filled meatballs in a red cream gravy and chicken marcella. On the sweet side, homemade caramel corn, white chocolate peppermint candy, beautifully decorated sugar cookies, kaluah chocolate cookies and candy cane cookies. 

Ta Da!! Impressed? I sure as hell am! 

One of the many reasons the I have taken a posting hiatus – I reacquainted myself with an old friend – the stage. Yep! Cheesy though it may sound, in the middle of September, I tried out for a play! And amazingly enough, I got cast! And so for September and October, after working all day, I would come home long enough to feed my cat, put on a pair of jeans and run to the theatre where I would work for another four hours. In November, we gave 12 performances, Thursday – Sunday. Suffice it to say….I was a tired girl. But a tired girl who got a rave review in the Post!

Exhausting as it was, I have seriously not felt so good about myself or my life in a VERY long time!

Professionally speaking, I’m absolutely shining. I’m being recognized for my talent and ability by some of the most impressive and powerful people in Washington, if not the world. I’m truly living my Washington dream – and its everything I hoped it would be.

In the past few months I’ve spent a significant amount of time in New York, Dallas, Chicago and my absolute FAVORITE: CALIFORNIA!! I never imagined that I would fall in love with the west coast – lord was I wrong!

Driving along the PCH with the top down on my rented convertible glistening in a color that can only be described as “fuck me red.” The mountains on my left, the ocean on my right. Then sitting, curled up in the sand on a beach in Orange County, watching the sun set over the Pacific…le sigh. 

Truly amazing.

A very uninteresting topic for me these days – needlessly complicated – as my romantic endeavors usually are.  I’ll expound eventually.

There you have it. All in all…I think it was all worth the no sex trade off. 

Frankly a girl can’t live on ocean air, amazing home cooked meals, artistic fulfillment and copious amounts of self esteem alone. 

Then again……
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey, Romeo

Juliet was on my mind.

I wondered what she would have done if Romeo had left her, not because he was banished, but because he lost interest. What if Rosalind had given him the time of day, and he'd changed his mind? What if, instead of marrying Juliet, he'd just disappeared?

I thought I knew how Juliet would feel.

She wouldn't go back to her old life, not really. She wouldn't ever have moved on, I was sure of that. Even if she'd lived until she was old and gray, every time she closed her eyes, it would have been Romeo's face she saw behind her lids. She would have accepted that, eventually.

I wondered if she would have married Paris in the end, just to please her parents, to keep the peace. No, probably not, I decided. But then, the story didn't say much about Paris. He was just a stick figure a placeholder, a threat, a deadline to force her hand.

What if there were more to Paris?

What if Paris had been Juliet's friend? Her very best friend? What if he was the only one she could confide in about the whole devastating thing with Romeo? The one person who really understood her and made her feel halfway human again? What if he was patient and kind? What if he took care of her? What if Juliet knew she couldn't survive without him? What if he really loved her, and wanted her to be happy?

And what if she loved Paris? Not like Romeo. Nothing like that, of course. But enough that she wanted him to be happy, too?

If Romeo was really gone, never coming back, would it have mattered whether or not Juliet had taken Paris up on his offer? Maybe she should have tried to settle into the leftover scraps of life that were left behind. Maybe that would have been as close to happiness as she could get.

Maybe I was reading too much into the story. Romeo wouldn't change his mind.

That's why people still remembered his name, always twined with hers: Romeo and Juliet. That's why it was a good story. "Juliet gets dumped and ends up with Paris" would have never been a hit.