Monday, October 23, 2006

Marilyn Merlot

Ok – right now all I’ve got is randomness from this weekend:

Apparently I started Red Family WWIII. Parents are mad…Baby Sis is mad….Oy! Talked to Princess….she said Baby Sis wouldn’t would get over it, that she has no reason to be mad, and that the whole situation will blow over. So I feel a bit better about that.


The Professor did indeed txt me on Friday night. The conversation went something like this:

Professor: Are you having fun on your date?
Red: I’m having a great time – and I never said it was a date
Professor: Where are you at?
Red: Biddys in Dupont – come out!
Professor: Call me when you’re ready to go home, I’ll pick you up
Red: Thanks, but I can make it by myself. Feel free to come out though and have a drink!
Professor: Sorry, I don’t chase
Red: That’s funny….neither do I!

And then this little exchange Sunday afternoon:

Professor: HI
Red: Sup?
Professor: You were being a cock tease on Friday
Red: Well, seeing as how I had no interest in your cock on Friday or any other day, I hardly think I’d want to tease it
Professor: …[silence]….

I personally enjoyed that last reply. I actually think it shut him up! Woo Hoo!


I received a fantastic gift from Barbie #1! A bottle of 1994 “Marilyn Merlot”!


Did you know that Ms. Monroe was a natural redhead??

But that’s not the reason I adore her. I'd love her even if she were a natural blonde! Perhaps that’s the reason I have such a fondness for fire engine red lipstick!

I will never open this bottle of wine – or if I do…it’ll be a damn good reason, like my 50th birthday, or my first cosmetic operation (jk)

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