Sunday, October 1, 2006

RCN is the devil

Sorry for the silence, Jordan! Work (and life) has been crazy AND I have been sans internet for the majority of the weekend! Sufficet to say RCN has gotten much more than an earful from me the past few days. Anyway....on to the weekend report:


The evening began right after work I literally sprinted to the metro at 5, ran up the escalator two steps at a time, just made the train caught my breath, then ran up some moreescalatorss in order to meet TravelGirl for drinks. For those of you who don't know her, whatever the cyber equivelent of 'sprint...don't walk' it.... to her blog! This woman is talented, beautiful, energetic and smart, and funny as hell! It was great to see her because her fabulously hectic travel schedule has made it impossible over the past month or so to catch up. So we chatted about life, drama, man whores that we know and used to love. Well if nothing else came out of the whole WPB debacle, I met her so for all its fucked-upedness, it was worth it.


Well on Saturday morning I woke up and moaned because after I said goodbye to TravelGirl, I hung out with the sweetest music teacher ever (explanationination to follow in a later post) let's just say, I ran into my intern at the Front Page and hijinks ensued until I finally left the Lucky Bar around 2:30 a.m.

I had promised Barbie #1 and company I'd go to the Virginia wine festival with them. So I drug my hungover ass out of bed and attempted to make myself look human, however, the day didn't go quite as planned. After driving for 2 hours to Leesburg, we reached traffic that was at a complete standstill for TEN MILES outsfestivale frestibal! Apparently the highways of the bustling metropolis of Leesberg Virginia ill equipped for the influx of all the wine lovers of Virginia simultaneously. Imagine that!

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So after getting tired of sitting in the car, being hung over and craving the proverbial 'hair of the dog' (cuz ya know you can't be hungover if you don't stop drinking) we all decided to bag the festival and orchestrate our own wine tasting. We found a restaurant in an old barn? Or mill? Or something provincial. And it was AMAZING the food, the wine, the company.....the wine the 9 of us sat in this restaurant for 4 hours and had sooo much fun. Only downfall was that I didn't get to meet up with Allen. Sorry, doll maybe next time.


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