Monday, October 30, 2006

Get Out the Matches

I think I’m just having a case of Monday BB (Bloggers-block) and I'm still trying to REMEMBER the weekend before I can decide what to WRITE about it!

However, there were some rumblings from up north - i.e. Canadian drama.

So the Canadian was scheduled to come down next month and take me to the wedding of a friend and an EX (nightmare, I know). I thought that since this the wedding of not only an ex, but an ex that cheated on me with the friend that he’s marrying (and I’m the maid of honor because I ‘introduced them’ , and also because I’m WAAAY too nice) that I needed to show up #1 looking UBER-hot and #2 with an even HOTTER date (think a tall (6’7), dark (parents are from South America) & handsome (JFK junior look-a-like) and did I mention BRILLIANT (a masters in IR from JHU and now top 10 in his law school class). A rational conclusion I believe. So Canadian was going to fly down, we were going to have a lovely weekend in a lovely hotel with lovely people etc (and might I add that he volunteered to go – I didn’t even ask. I think he was nervous that it’s on a military base and I cannot be held accountable for my actions when there are uniforms involved). You can tell where this is going....I know.

I stepped up the ‘nagging’ factor on Friday as he hadn’t gotten his plane ticket yet, and the wedding is 3 weeks away. Given his track record, while it IS improving he has NEVER been dependable. He’s had to work late, had friend 'emergencies', etc. and missed black tie events, concerts, parties, football games, you name it. Again, we’re working on this but the fact that he hadn’t made a monetary commitment to this weekend as yet had me a tad concerned.

So he called me on Saturday to say “don’t shoot me” and my stomach falls into my Nike’s. “what? ” “I might not be able to make it” “why? ” (sounding disappointed, unamused, short, and generally, displeased). Then he gives me the song and dance about how he has to be in court, do the lawyer thing, just scheduled, blah blah blah. But that he is filing for a continuance on Tuesday, the judge should rule then, there’s no reason NOT to give him the continuance and if he gets it he will book the fight that day.

Now I’m an understanding girl when it comes to relationships. I trust him that this is happening. I understand that it's his job. I know this. Normally I would just shrug it off and deal. However, I’ve gotta tell you that I’m upset. I KNOW it’s not his fault but I guess if I weren’t expecting it, if I weren’t conditioned to be endlessly disappointed by this man – IF HE COULD JUST FOLLOW THROUGH ON ONE G*DDAMNED THING ONE TIME I could deal.

I’m willing to bet any amount of money that he does not, in fact come. So I will show up at the wedding still looking UBER-hot but tragically, uber-single. What sucks is that when I RSVP’d us, the bride called me and said – “this isn’t the same Canadian that broke your heart, who’s death we were plotting for a good portion of 2004?” “yes it is but things are better, he’s changed blah blah blah” “well I’m skeptical but I’m glad you’re happy and I can’t wait to see you both.” So now I’ll have to listen to the bride say “I told you so.”*

Ya know, I should have known this would happen, the last wedding we went to together, he left me in the middle of the reception to go play poker with his buddies. I so I did what any normal woman would do….I spent the night with the Best Man at his suite at the Watergate.

I wonder what the military-base equivalent of that scenario would be?

On the one hand I feel like an IDIOT because I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall and not getting anywhere. On the other hand I didnt even ask him to come, he suggested it. I think I'm just mad at myself for getting excited about the weekend and thinking that it was ACTUALLY going to happen.

Anyway, folks, keep those matches handy for come tomorrow evening – if I am suddenly Red party-of-one…I’m going to start the Canadian Flag burning pile out on my balcony.


*ya - I'm listening to a classical music station on my computer...and the "Wedding March" just came on. I think I'm going to loose my lunch.

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