Friday, October 13, 2006


Happy Friday the 13th!

First of all, I would like to begin by saying that good things ALWAYS happen to me on this day!

To begin with, my favorite number is 3 – so anything with a 3 in it is good (my basketball number was #23; Softball was #13, birthday is 23rd).

Second being the rebel that I am (eye roll), days that huddled masses typically celebrate (i.e. new year’s eve; valentine’s day) I tend to avoid as they have negative connotations from year’s past as opposed to Friday the 13th, which has always been good to me.

Example: I view NYE as basically the party night for amateurs. Anyone and Everyone goes out December 31st, and have the next day to recover. There’s just TOO much pressure to have a good time and so it ends up being an inevitable let down. Any amateur can party on NYE. It’s what you do on a random Monday night that counts.

Valentine’s day goes without saying…for great many years I never celebrated, single or no…on previous February 12ths (or whenever the dreaded day falls) I have (in no particular chronological order) gotten food poisoning, dumped, dumped for my best friend, been proposed to (no….this was NOT a good thing), the list goes on. However, in 13ths of Fridays past I have gotten a raise, received flowers, gotten laid, and flown to Europe at a moment’s notice.

Reason #3 I ‘heart’ Friday the 13th is because of it’s fondness of black cats.

I loooove black cats and more specifically I loooooooove MY black cat.

And so, my readers, meet my baby, my love, my reason to come home in the evening: Sakura.

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Do not be fooled by old wives tales…this baby has brought me NOTHING but luck since I brought her home from the shelter as a 6 week old baby two years ago. She crosses, pounces on, curls up with, and purrrrs all over my path every day (which lead to me tripping over her last night almost breaking my neck, but that’s OK).

She has no idea what a blog is, but she loves trying to help me type it when I’m lying in bed with my laptop and so says ‘what’s up’ to all of my readers :)
My roommate calls her the ‘cat-dog’ because she greets you at the door, will play with you until she pants, is friendly with strangers, and is snuggly when you need it.

If this ode to my cat makes me a crazy Catwoman….bring me the high heels and whip and lets call it a day.

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I’m still hemmin and hawin over this happy hour this evening…..but yes, 66, I will most likely stop by to say ‘hello’. Besides, HP and i have some witty banter to exchange :)

Randomness: I just realized....I left the house this morning and forgot to put underwear on! Does this happen to anyone else??

Song of the Day: Anchor - Letters to Cleo


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