Monday, October 9, 2006

It's UnAmerican, dammit!

I HAD to blog about the game....otherwise 66 would have sent out the special victims unit to check my apartment for dead bodies!

This weekend the battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy took place. Now unlike my extreme malice towards worthy (and not so worthy) opponents such as ND and Ohio State I don’t have any real hatred for the Spartans. Now when I was 6 and had a crush on little Kenny Cooper, who was a HUGE state fan, I decided that I would hate MSU so that we’d had something to argue about or something. Who knows what goes through the mind of a love struck 2nd grader.

Anyway, as my age and knowledge of football have increased I know that the Big Ten is better when State does well, College Football is better when State does well…hell – the state of Michigan is better when State does well (which leads to a stronger United States and the promotion of democracy throughout the world!). It’s for the greater success of mankind that State get off its butt and hire a good coach for once!

Anyway, so the Spartans were hosted in Ann Arbor this weekend and even after their sorry sorry performance during their Irish Match-up and blew a 30-point lead, I was still a little bit nervous going in.

State is like a pissed off girlfriend - you're pretty sure you'll still get some but its never 'easy'. Michigan’s stellar defense showed up for the game however. Awarding only 2 touchdowns to their 4. And while Michigan IS fierce this year, I believe the Spartans could have made a better showing. MSU is, has been and will forever be a very emotional team. It’s all completely mental for them and ND crushed whatever gumption, bravery, or balls (pardon the expression) this team had and trampled it all over Lansing. They were so busy pouting from last week that they forgot they were even on the field this week!

I’m thinking only of the fate of humanity when I say this, people: someone needs to take this trophy and give every one of them a swift kick in the @ss! Or whatever the athletic equivalent of prozac is!

If the Spartans fought like this during the battle of Thermopylae, we'd all be speaking Persian right now! (MAJOR bonus points if you know what I'm talking about).

In other news, I got new glasses this weekend. 4 of my guy friends have already told me they make me look like a “sexy librarian”. Are librarian’s supposed to be sexy?


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