Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Maize-ing Disgrace

Do you hear that sucking sound?? Listen closely…..

It’s the sound of Brady Quinn kissing the Heisman goodbye!!

That’s right. The Michigan Wolverines dominated….no..they SPANKED the irish in the highest point total by an opponent in Notre Dame Stadium in 46 years, and the first time Michigan has won in South Bend in 12 years!!!

You might be saying, now Red, you’re an irish girl! You went to Notre Dame Prep* for high school! Why in the world would you be happy that that got the ASS KICKING of a lifetime!?

Well, I’ll tell ya.

#1. Because I come from a proud family filled with UofM alums.
#2. Because most ND fans didn’t go there…they don’t even know anyone that went there and they’ve never even been to South Bend (because if they had, there’s no WAY they would be able to respect ND), just because they’re irish or Catholic they’re fans
#3. Growing up in such proximity to two rival teams breeds a unique strain of animosity
#4. ND fans are PERTICULARLY obnoxious

For those of you that missed the fierce looking Wolverines (a team with college football’s all-time leader in winning percentage I might add) the final score was 47-21…hehehehe.

Yesterday was better than Christmas! I gathered with beloved Michigan Alums at the Pour House on Capitol Hill … and boy did we party!

Now my friends, you have not watched a football game until you’ve watched one filled with loud, friendly, laid back, drunk and elated Wolverine fans chanting, singing the fight song, benching girls above their heads while counting the number of points scored, bringing people to the front of the room and giving them beers to chug, and spontaneously chanting such rhythmic phrases as:

Fuck – The – Irish;
O-ver-rat-ted; and
It’s great to be a Wolverine

Oooooo, it was sweet my friends. Nothing makes me feel at home like Michigan football and damn…what a homecoming!

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*So calling the school because it was filled with ND faculty brats, was located about 6 blocks from Notre Dame campus, and something insane like 80% of graduates go to either Holy Cross, St. Mary’s, or ND.

Hail to the Victors
Back in Business!
Don't Call it a Comback!

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