Sunday, September 10, 2006

Do you have any STDs?

Last evening, hot gals (XO, VT, OC) gathered at Casa Red for a little pre-gaming before a night on the town. And did we ever pre-game. Yep. Four gals just sitting around comparing notes on anti-depressants, dates, episodes of Laguna Beach and downing barcardi and diets and chasing them with shots of Citron. You know...your typical Saturday night.

Before heading out we stopped at a shin-dig happening in the party room in my building where we had drinks and TOOK THEM WITH US. Yep - we thought it would be a good idea to take Open containers onto the sidewalk while we hailed a cab and went to a U st. bar guessed it, we drank some more.

XO's latest love interest joined up with us at some point and before she left with him, I apparently had the following conversation with him:
You had better take care of XO tonight! Do you have a criminal record? Do you have any STDs? I know EVERYONE who works at this bar, if you use her or hurt her you'll never be able to come here again!

I think there were some other threats made but you get the general idea. Apparently I'm feisty when I'm drunk.

To make a long, and kind of fuzzy story short, we were lucky we didn't get arrested last night. Besides the open containers, there were several other mistermeanors and one felany committed last night. Not only that, but I have a number of bruises and a gash on my leg that could have only been the result of some kind of fall...that I don't remember. Oy!



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