Sunday, September 3, 2006

Autumn Mix

Oh! How I love the fall!

Thank you Ernesto for blowing it into DC ahead of schedule! Isn't it wonderful to walk out of your front door to be greeted not by a hot wall of 100 degree heat and humidity, but instead by the fluid, breathable air that is warm enough for flip flops but cool enough for jeans. And oh how I love jeans! Denim, beautiful denim, denim that negates the necessity to shave every morning, denim that covers thigh imperfections yet makes my butt look sooo good!

Autumn heralds the coming of change and of all things new. The fact that the New Year is a time for resolutions and new beginnings is a misconception. Think about it - your entire childhood and early adulthood (the formative years if you will) have revloved around the coming of fall. The start of new academic terms, new grades, new rites of passage, new athletic seasons, new clothes and new definitions of self.

Sadly as we progess deeper and deeper into our professional lives, the magical new beginning that was once September begins to fade into the flurry of activity that is office life. While we may find ourselves staring longingly at the school supply aisle in CVS or have the uncontrolable urge to sharpen pencils and tote our lunches in brown paper bags, for most of us, our adult Septembers bring with them only a sigh to the end of summer Fridays, Dewy Beach weekends, and sunlight filled commutes.

And so to satisfy these deeply rooted urges, I will put in an extra order for supplies at the office(pens, notebooks, etc.) on Tuesday, and will trade in my beach towl for a bail of hay next to a bon fire, margaritas for spiked apple cider, white heels for knee-high boots, baseball double headers for college bowl games and halter tops for turtlenecks.

But the true trumpting herald of autmn comes not with the propietary ban on snowy-colored footwear, or spotting that first bightly colored maple tree. It happend this afternoon as I walked into Rite Aid in search of liquid bliss (otherwise known as Diet Coke) and there it was - an entire display of ...candy corn...yes, my friends, fall has arrived.

Candy Corn* - that timeless, seasonal sugar high and my fat-free crack addiction of choice. While other once seasonal treats such as 'peeps' and red and green colored m&m's have sold out and are now readily available in addaptive form to accomodate most popular holiday themes - candy corn has held fast. It has refused to sell out. Maintained its dignighty. Is now and will forever be decidedly autumnal.

So have a wonderful evening readers as I sit here and nibble on my "Autumn Mix" (the name for the assorted (plain, chololate and pumpkin-shaped) bag 'o corn I purchased).

And happy fall.


*Did you know that candy corn has been around since 1904??

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