Thursday, September 7, 2006

Have you seen THIS man??

This morning I woke up early – gotta love breakfast meetings! But the good news was that I had gotten up extra early, looked very cute and pulled together in chic Irish Red ala Jackie “O” style (oh you know I had on the pearls, the heels, the black glasses…mmhhmm).

Anyway, it was 7:00 a.m. (ugh) and I’m not completely awake, but notice that I have 4 minutes till the train comes, so I sit down at the third bench in, as is my custom every morning (I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?), get out the Post Express crossword puzzle…and waited for the train.

A quick side note: I enjoy my morning commute. It takes roughly 20 minutes and which is apparently a perfect time for me to do a crossword puzzle, relax, and sip some coffee (Yes, Metro Nazi, I know you’re not supposed to do that on the metro…call me a rebel). I really enjoy my routine and it is an essential ingredient to my functionality and morning productivity. To insure that I am not disturbed in my early morning meditation you will usually find me wearing sunglasses (in a dark tunnel…yes…I’m THAT girl) and I’m plugged into my i-pod. This all adds up to a deliciously caffeinated, dark, noisy 20 minutes that I cherish almost as much as my grande-skim-toffeenut-latte-no whip.

So the train comes and the familiar “ding dong” chimes of the opening doors release the wave of office-goers onto the platform. As I wait for the last passenger to trickle out, I notice a man standing in the doorway…noticing me…noticing me notice him…and I take off my sunglasses so that he can see me noticing him notice me. So eye contact is established…and then he smiles, not some big cheesy smile, but it’s 7 in the morning I can’t believe we’re waiting for all these people to unload” kind of smile.

So I did what ANY NORMAL person would do…I kissed him! No no, I’m just kidding. No need to send for the men in white coats. Hehe

As I was saying…I stepped onto the train and smiled back and sat down in the first row of seats…facing him. And then we did the dance…the he looks, you look away, you look he sees you looking so you look away smile, smile – Tango.

I even take my earphones out so as to say – LOOK! I’m not isolating myself in my dark noisy world…come and talk to me!

Alas…sigh…we ended up Tango-ing into Virginia where he exited the train, but not before flashing a KILLER smile at yours truly before he exited the train.
Roughly 33, 5’11, dark hair, studios yet stylish looking glasses, tan coat, KILLER smile.
Has anyone seen this man?? I came out of my Gucci adorned, indie rock cocoon for you..and you left. *Sigh*


Just as well…he might have turned out to be a face licker…or an Ohio State fan. Better to just hang onto the dream

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