Monday, September 4, 2006

Crikey, Steve!

Poor poor crocodile hunter!

Crikey, Steve! You handle 50 foot snakes and wrestle crocks...How did you get killed by a sting ray?? I remember being at Disney world and sea world when I was 7 and petting the sting rays!

Oh, Steve. You were so cute with your cute accent and big smile. Plus you have two kids! How sad!

My heart goes out to Terri, your beautiful wife (not beautiful in a supermodel-esque way but in a down to earth, not too much makeup, so so nice, girl next door kind of way). And good for you, Steve for going with the down to earth gal!

How awful it must be for her. I mean, of COURSE they have life insurance, etc. The man thought Cobras were cute for cryin out loud! But you could tell they were so in love and such good friends. How terrible to loose not only your spouse but best friend. It's just so so sad.

Sleep well, Steve in that big-crock farm in the sky.

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