Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'Shot' Through the Heart

So sorry for the silence this week! Half of my problem has been knowing where to start as there are just so many things going on! How do I choose what to write about?
Current topics on To-Write List:
  1. Judgemental 'Friends' - Yes, twin, its coming!
  2. My first trip to the porn store
  3. How to survive in a healthy relationship when you don’t speak the language
  4. Adventures in Breakups
  5. How not to poke a rabid dog (because really, you don't know where it's been)
  6. My Love affiar with...the Cherry Chocolate Phone
Well, let me start here dear reader with some quick notes:

After a tearful goodbye, the Russian returned to New Mexico yesterday afternoon. Yes, I said tearful and it wasn't just me. I must admit, there's something mighty surreal about a 30 year old, hockey playin', 6'7, former frat boy wiping a tear from the corner of his eye because he's going to miss you.

But fear not, he did not leave before being introduced subjected to the best of the best of the DC blogging scene. The impromptu happy hour took place on Friday where redheaded sluts and good times not to mention dirty girl scouts, were had by all. In attendance were Dupont and her man, Jersey, the fabulously sarcastic Hey Pretty, the Corona drinkin' Tex and Travel Girl with her entourage in tow along with many many others who maintain their fabulousness despite their non-blogger status (St. Pauly Girl & her boyfriend, XO, Philly and a colleague of his).

We breathed in and yes, we did inhale, the drama-free atmosphere as old friends caught up, new acquaintances were made and faces were put to posts. It was a lovely evening and one we have all agreed that we must encore in the near future. The Russian came through with flying colors and the enthusiastic approval of everyone INCLUDING the very discerning and selective HP!

I was described Friday as being not-myself, being instead becoming “uber-Scarlett”, “Scarlett-on-steroids”, “Scarlett to the nth Degree” and “Sparkle Scarlett”. This led me to think, hmmm… if I'm all of a sudden 'so happy' and everyone is commenting on it, was I lacking in the cheerfulness department before?

I mean, yes, I'm a cynical smart ass. But a cheerful cynical smart ass! Have I become, dare I say, surly? Churlish,even? (How’s that for the 50 cent word of the day?) But my fears were alleviated after talking to Dupont who, in her little Yoda-like way said: "You weren't un-happy. You seemed very 'content' with your life. Very content being single and very comfortable with yourself. NOW, you seem happy"

Sigh. Happy.

Yes, I suppose I am. But its happiness tempered with, I must admit, a certain amount of uneasiness. This is not a conventional courtship by any means nor does the term ‘whirlwind romance’ even attempt do it justice. I suppose these murky relationship waters have taken on a pallor similar to that of the Potomac in no small part due to his impending, more than messy divorce or my own ongoing romantic saga with a tall man north of the border who said to me last night ‘I don’t know whether to cry, drink or throw myself off my balcony” at the mere suggestion that we TAKE A BREAK. I’m afraid the Canadian extraction will turn out to be a more painful and complicated endeavor than originally imagined.

But more thoughts on that later. Frankly, I’m in life drama overload and I’m sick of it already.

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