Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your support. The jury is still out, i.e. still ‘thinking’ and I’ll give him all the time he needs to ‘think’ but as of right now, I’m operating on the assumption that its over because, well, I said so.
 To clarify a few points: #1. Yes, I do blog about dating and on occasion hooking up with other guys. We have a technically open relationship and while I do occasionally hook up with men who are in closer proximity to myself, I tend to try to avoid relationships and emotional attachments as that could get complicated but the physical stuff is just that. This fits in very well with my fear of all things committed (from relationships to psyc ward patients) I get the distance I need with the occasional romantic trysts to keep me occupied.
Point #2: Hehe – don’t worry, Velvet! We were talking about a move in a year or two but obviously that’s not the case now. However, if I turn out to be 30 and single in a few years…I’m moving to the UK. I was a kid in London and have, of course, gone back many many times since. However, I’ve always wanted to go back to live – 30 seems as good a time as any :)

In other news, there isn’t much because I’m sick. It seems as though disease is circulating among the blogging community and has already targeted a few of my blogworld acquaintences. I’m coughing like a 80 year old chain smoker with a voice to match and my eyes and nose match the color of my hair.

Here's to hoping we all feel better soon! (Irish; Velvet especially!)

Would someone please pass the Kleenex?

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