Thursday, January 4, 2007

2006: Pretty Good Year

January: The year began alone in my room, awakened by friends reveling in the new year. Never one for amature night, i.e. NYE and attempting to avoid the man I was seeing at the time I thought an evening rearranging my room and cleaning was preferable to a bunch of random people who could not hold their liquor.

The Prologue to TSL is born.

February: found me back with the Canadian but alone for Valentines Day. The month ended with a
tearful goodbye to old friends.

March: In like a lamb, out like …well….I got beat up by roommate on St. Patty's Day. Yes, friends. I looked like a battered housewife in a Dolly Parton video.

April: Got a new job that I love. Yea for me!

May: The Canadian visited. Life was good. I was happy.

June: Turned 26 – the EXTREME Birthday. Went hang gliding, flew a helicopter and drover a Lamborghini!

July: Through circumstances enumerated in the TSL archives, met
Travel Girl and life would never be the same!

August: I discover my
over zealous sex drive is actually genetic!

We mourn the loss of wildlife's loudest advocates, so sad. Michigan Beats Notre Dame – life is good. I pick myself up and brush myself off yet again.

October: The beginning of
a beautiful friendship. And bid farewell to a Mecca of song and independent thought.

NaNoWrMo kicks off. Korean skirts are liberated and I battle the infamous Sue Ellen over Thanksgiving.

The Scarlett Letters is up and Runnin! Got my first Christmas Tree, was stalked by an Elf .

Frankly, it’s been quite the year, 2006. More good than bad overall.

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