Saturday, January 6, 2007

I Blame It On the Drugs

Yesterday, I went the Dr. He listened, looked, poked, prodded, and said:
‘Good news, Scarlett. It’s all in your head"

I immediately freak out as I hear my trusted physician label me a hypochondriac!!
‘It’s not all in my head! I feel terrible! There's no way I'm imagining this!’

'No, Scarlett – it’s a sinus and throat infection. It’s in your head.– I don’t hear anything in your lungs.’


I blame the drugs.

But that’s not the point. The point is that I actually WENT to the Dr. I took time off work and WENT to the Dr. I never do this people. I work sick, I’ve done it before – I always feel guilty for taking time off. But I decided that I was only able to put in 50% while feeling like this, and the longer I didn’t give myself time to rest, the longer it would take to feel better. So I bought myself a one-way ticket on the Get Well Express. Which is all part of the recently dubbed 2007 – the year ‘o Scarlett.

Phase 1: of the YOS: Body. This includes the following: See Dr.s when sick (check), take all medications as directed (I have a problem remembering to take daily medications, vitamins, etc.). Become healthier – cut down on the processed foods, work with a personal trainer – please note, this is not an “I will loose 50 pounds in the new year” type resolution this is a I really need to be healthier type resolve. If I happen to drop a pound or two, so be it!

Phase 2: Mind: Don’t let my right-brained genius force me to miss deadlines. Taking my work to a new level. Continue with my feminist book club.

Phase 3: Spirit: Concentrate on friendships. Appreciate them more and really make time for my friends. Make the extra effort to make my friendships healthier and more meaningful. Follow through with plans instead of opting to stay in no matter how broke I am. Do 7 things in 2007 that I can only do in DC (and drunken evenings at the Front Page don’t count).

And somewhere in there are doing laundry on a more regular basis, taking better care of my things, and stop dating emotionally withholding men. And most importantly – we (as in me and all the voices in my head) are banishing negative thinking, anything that detracts from the awesomeness of Scarlett’s life (cue Missy’s No More Drama) all the unnecessary BS is just that and I will avoid it at all costs.

Funny. I don’t even usually MAKE NY resolutions and here it looks as though I’ve decided on a complete lifestyle overhaul in 2007. Not really an overhaul just taking the life to the next level – adulthood – who knew.

Like I said, I blame it on the drugs.

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