Friday, November 3, 2006

Would Someone Please Shut Me Up?

So I decided to get to bed EARLY one night this week. Partly because I was exhausted, partly because I watched a segment on the Today Show that linked weight loss and sleep (so THAT's my problem! JK).

By 10:00 p.m. the sleep timer on my TV had shut off, the cat was purring softly at my feet and i was well on my way to into a beautiful dream that involved Russell Crowe and a can of Redi Whip... when my cell phone rings.

And WHY didn't I have it turned off?? Well, because I'm currently using it as my alarm clock...yes..i KNOW I should just get a new alarm clock but that's NOT the point. So i put Russell on hold, fumbled for the phone now blaring out Fergie's 'London Bridge', flipped it open and without opening my eyes to see who it was I answered 'hello?', in a low, groggy voice that could have belonged to my 84-year-old, chainsmoking grandmother.

It was my father, who was very apologetic that he had obviously woken me up and was eager to let me get back to bed, but now that I WAS up I needed to know what was so important. Apparently he saw a commercial that reminded him of me as a little girl - not only that but he had received calls from several of my uncles saying the same thing and so he had to share. Well, naturally curious this morning, I looked up the advertisement that apparently personified my childhood.

Here it is, folks - evidently if you just gave her some red hair and is Irish Red as a child. And apparently I haven't shut up since.

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