Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Movin' On

Hello, friends.

I am posting this to let you know why I am now passwording. On Friday I was almost fired for my blog.

A few weeks ago, my intern (who I will now refer to as 'the little shit') hooked up with a friend of mine. The friend told me just that he happens to have a lot of woodden crosses in his bedroom and it freaked her out. In a gossipy, ill advised mood, I shared this information with some of my collegues. Last week, after too much to drink, the collegue poked fun of the little shit.

The little shit reads my blog. And the little shit showed my VP wednesday's rant as it was about her.

Long story short - I had to beg for my job on Saturday morning.

I am not fired but I do not think it would be wise to keep blogging on this site. Without passwording everything and that's just no fun.

But I will be passwording until I decide where I'm moving. Right now all that's hindering the 'move' is a new name. I love "a taste of red' so much and so it will be sad to leave. But any suggestions about a new name are welcomed and certainly appreciated. I'd like to keep with the Red theme though. So far I'm thinking either 'The Scarlett Letters', 'Red Tape', 'Redheaded Phoenix', or 'A Red Light in the District'.

Big Hugs to All!

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