Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Voter Hangover

I would like to clarify a few things before you proceed, dear reader, with this morning's rant:

#1. You know I don’t generally pursue topics of a political nature on A Taste of Red. I leave that to many Democrats, Republicans and the just plain brilliant bloggers in the DC area who are much more inclined to wax philosophical on these topics daily.

Whether or not I agree with them, they are good at what they do – and so I leave it to them to do it. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have, cherish, and am passionate about my political opinions and leanings, however, I find my rants on the subject are much better placed to my father over the phone or yelling and throwing the occasional pillow or nail file (as was the case Monday night) at political commentators and elected officials who appear on my television screen and speak faster than I can hit the mute button or change the channel (hey – I’m a Redhead! We get fired up!) - to be more personally cathartic for me than posting it on here. Revelation: I am more than just a big smile and a short skirt….Gasp!

#2. If you have an opinion, that you can back up with substantial evidence, thought and rationality…I will happily listen, discuss and perhaps disagree – but I will respect your views.

Ok, let’s get on with it.

Never mind what I think about this morning’s election results. Unimportant. I have conservative friends, liberal friends and my best friend in the world is a card carrying communist – who my father refers to as ‘his favorite Bolshevik’.

I don’t hate Republicans…..I don’t hate Democrats…..I hate Stupid People. And for the purposes of this rant, I classify the ‘uninformed’ as stupid. Not only should stupid people not be allowed to reproduce…more importantly, they should NOT be allowed to vote. It is an absolute abuse of the system. They should make you take a test before they even let you come to the polls and if you cannot identify at least 3 people on the ballot which you will cast, you should not be allowed to cast it.

Someone walked into my office yesterday and said, “I voted.”
Good for you.
“I voted [PARTY] all the way down the line.”
Well that’s smart.

I promise you, if you put a gun to this woman’s head she couldn’t tell you WHO she actually voted for, just what side of the ballot she checked. Furthermore, she couldn’t tell you one reason behind her professed political affiliation other than something as arbitrary as ‘I’m pro life’ or ‘Bush sucks’ (see…it happens on BOTH sides of the aisle). No wonder we have such perverted idiots in office – NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE HELL THEY’RE PUTTING IN OFFICE!

This is unacceptable - ESPECIALLY if you live in Washington, DC! We are in the middle of this governmental ball of string we affectionately refer to as 'inside the beltway'. Our neighbors, friends, family, bosses, significant others, the dirty old man that hits on you at the bar - are the one's being elected. If the people who live here, are immersed in the political culture, are inconvenienced by political motorcades for crying out loud, can't even pick up the most basic pieces of information through informational OSMOSIS - what HOPE does the rest of the country have!?

If you have any questions of my personal political leanings, just be happy in knowing that I KNEW who I voted for yesterday, and more importantly, why.


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