Monday, November 13, 2006

'Miss Scarlett' on the Web with the Blog

Thank you all for the advice and support.

The little shit has actually screwed himself – he will never be offered a job now after his internship as he has proven that he’s a vindictive little skank who is NOT to be trusted. Hmm…maybe I will take up with a politician or an IRS employee, have him audited someday or something. Allen and I actually talked about starting a ‘buy the intern a herpes infected hooker’ fund.

So today I said about 4 ‘our fathers’ while riding the train to work – in English, Latin, French, Irish Gaelic – just to cover my bases. It’s the most praying I’ve done since Notre Dame Prep.

The little shit wasn’t there today – but the gal I blogged about was and she was pretty hostile. To be expected I suppose. Oh well. I faced it – I kissed a LOT of ass, smiled and did my best and I hope it will be better tomorrow. What else can I do?

Non Blogging was not a condition of employment and they said I could keep my blog. I just think there are too many people from work reading now so…I’d have a hard time posting what I want to post I think. Oh well. I like ‘Scarlett Letters’ – I don’t think anyone in my office is especially internet savy and would take a lot of effort to find my new blog. Not to mention the fact that I will be careful not to write about work on it and I probably won't post my archives for awhile.

So on to the next chapter and ‘The Scarlett Letters’ it is! It’s got the red thing – it’s got the whole – ‘you’re evil and have been branded’ literary connotation which is somewhat accurate now I suppose. The new posting name will be ‘Miss Scarlett’ (either of the Miss O’Hara persuasion –got the irish thing in there too, or the vampy Clue character – take your pick). Too cliché do you think? Or cute and creative?

I’m really sad to leave A Taste of Red Behind! It’s like saying goodbye to a friend or personae. I’m a dork…I know. Well I hope you will all still love me when ‘Miss Scarlett’ makes her debut. I’ll still post all protected n’stuff here until its ready.

I will let you know when it’s up and running. On to better things I suppose. I’m taking this as a chance for doing something new.

Big Hugs to ya'll!


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