Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowy Tuesday Rantings

Not an update - just a little bit of a rant on this snowy Tuesday morning.
Yes, - the rest of my trip was LOVELY – but could my UK readers PUH-LEASE tell me why your bars close at 11:00 p.m.??? Its quite frustrating.
More funny London stories to come – HOWEVER, right now I have a bit of a bone to pick with my beloved neighborhood bar, The Front Page.
I turned 21 in the Front Page, dated bartenders, weekly happy hours at my favorite bar are a MUST. I love the laid back atmosphere, the people, the cheap drinks and the great bar food. HOWEVER – after a fabulous dinner at URBANA  with Ali (XO) on Saturday night, we decided to go out on the town and so decided to go to the old stand by – The Page. Since we had an early (by DC standards) dinner we arrived at the bar a little before 9:00 p.m. It was fairly empty – which was fine as we thought we’d snag a seat.
Travel, boredom, laziness have all led to the fact that its been awhile since I’d ventured out on a Saturday night – so I was surprised to find the majority of the stools removed from the relatively empty   bar in anticipation of accommodating a much larger crowd later in the evening. However, there were three, seemingly abandoned seats at the end of the bar with one almost full drink and one emptied drink in front of them.
So, ever the polite girl, I asked the bartender “are these seats taken”? And he says “yes – they just went outside to SMOKE!”
Are you KIDDING me!? The bartender was “saving” seats for three people who were outside polluting their lungs?? I could understand if one stayed behind to guard the stools – but for all three to be outside, smoking, having left no personal articles indicating their eminent return…sounds to me, utterly absurd.  
Does this sound ludicrous to anyone else? The only seats left in the bar – empty – and the bartender wouldn’t let  us sit down (and on top of that – he was quite rude about it!).
This was an ominous start to the evening – we then proceeded to Buffalo Billiards where, to be perfectly honest – I felt like I had out grown the scene and frankly, it was NOT a good feeling.
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