Thursday, January 15, 2009

3-2-1 Lift Off!

About 8 more hours and I’m off! To chilly, historic, beautiful London. The land of warm beer, cute royalty and even cute accents. I’m really excited – PLUS I’m staying with my best friend, Platonic Guy – whom I haven’t seen in years!! This man, about whom I’ve said very little on this blog has been there for me throughout the years no matter what. 

He was the only non-family member to call me in the hospital when I was undergoing radiation treatment for cancer and would bring me taco bell (my favorite junk food – don’t judge!) during recovery. No, we have never dated (he prefers petite brunettes to curvy redheads). He’s the type of friend that makes up part of who you are and so you are never so yourself as when you are with them. I truly looking forward to this vacation.

Unfortunately, there has been no headway on the beautiful boss front. At this point, my position is that I’ve put in over 6 months on this guy – developed a SERIOUS caffeine addiction as a result of getting coffee every morning with him, I’ve flirted, made a daily effort to look stunning (which in itself is exhausting), did the whole “I’m going to miss you – who am I going to get coffee with?” thing …nothing. At this point, I figure: he’s a grown man – if he wanted to ask me out, he would, right??

If not – I’ll just have to start doing the rounds in China Town (his neighborhood) until I happen to run into him in a social, non work setting. At this point, I’ll either give up, or seriously go on a love crusade of some sort! Then again, Prince William could always meet me and decide to dump what’s her name. After all…a girl can dream!


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