Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've Gotta Crush

My favorite wino brought this to my attention!

And so here it is. My chance to come clean - my chance to admit my undying affections and admit that I do, indeed have a crush on....

Texpundit: Yes, I have a thing for Texans, and this one in particular :) His hysterical, yet somewhat misguided theories on women are usually guaranteed to illicit a hot-tempered response from yours truly

Hipster Dork: What can I say? His musical tastes get me weak in the knees. And he is even more charming in person :)

DC Viking: Hasn't posted since...well...a LONG F*ING Time! Oh, how I miss you.

Chronicles of a Bachelor:Dustin, you're sometimes silly, sometimes crude, mostly cute and always hilarious and your love of cats will endear you to me forever!

K Street: This is a love/hate relationship - you've developed a singular knack for pissing me off. I hate your politics, but I must admit, the blog is a guilty pleasure.

Disturbingly enough it would seem that I am a crushing slut! Oh well - there you have it! The blogger boys the I luv!* I encourage all those who have yet to participate - come out of the closet and reveal your love to the world! (coming from me...this is quite hysterical)

Blush....Swoon...(somebody catch me please!)

* Please know that I also have a crush on my favorite irish boy...formerly of Detroit :) A crush since the 8th there really any other kind? But sadly,...he does not blog :-(

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