Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fabulous Annoyance

Thank you all for your "welcome back" posts and messages! Too cute! Also a call for more posting - here's the problem, kids:

Right now, while I AM, in fact on a complete upswing and life high (and wearing the most BEAUTIFUL silver and black lace skirt about to set off on a holiday party tour, what I want to do is to bitch and moan and rant and rave (via keypad). But I'm trying to restrain myself! I'm trying to stay composed and to keep smiling and pour myself another glass of champaign in the middle of the afternoon (they're office parties) - and take a deep breath and let it go. Because #1, bitter and resentful is ultimately, unattractive. #2 I am anything BUT un-attractive :) and #3. I'm determined to continue the aforementioned upswing and be happy!

With that in mind, I will say the following, potentially unattractive lines with georgous hair, flawless makeup, a beautiful smile and shoes that could literally kill (or at least cause a signifcant amount of pain if strategically hurled in the right direction):
Fuckhead: If you have something to say to me, feel free to say it (my phone number remains unchanged). Is there something you'd like to know about me? To discuss? Subjects to chat about? If so, I'm all ears!

If not, why don't you take the time you spend reading and checking my blog and thumbing through the archives and instead, recycle it into additional quality time with your oh so "beautiful" girlfriend (I'm all about energy conservation these days)!? You took yourself out of my life a year ago, so please do me (and her) a favor and truly TAKE YOURSELF OUT!? But, now that I think about it, follow through was never your strong suit. Merry Christmas!


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