Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Better Things in Life

It’s been a year. Almost to the day. And Thanksgiving 2008 certainly topped the one-way vacation to Hades I survived the previous year. Everything was better, the family, CERTAINLY the food and most DEFINITELY the company.
However, it’s a definite milestone. No longer am evaluating the events of 2008 through the rose-hued Gucci eye wear of 2007. (i.e. last summer I was living with fuckhead  (sigh…sniffle… sniffle…gag…) .
Now the comparison develops more along the line of:
Last year I wasted my holiday season crying bawling my eyes out on a daily hourly basis over an emotionally stunted Neanderthal, in a job that, at that point, I was less than enthusiastic about while sporting an additional 35 pounds.
THIS holiday season began with a fantastic Thanksgiving in which I cooked a significant portion of the meal (a fun new hobby – GASP! I know, very uncharacteristically Scarlett). I have been invited to three black-tie holiday parties, its December 4th and my Christmas tree is up, my holiday shopping is done AND last night, I attended the lighting of the National Christmas Tree (with kick ass VIP seating).
I like this comparison. I have a feeling the fabulous gap will only continue to widen into the New Year.
It’s good stuff, kids!
Romantic endeavors and drama aside, this is already shaping up to be a fantastic holiday season, and the best I can remember. In honor of this turning point, I've unlocked my "Breakup Files" . I may have inadventently deleted a few....but reading over these very painful entries really helped me to see how much farther I am away from that pain. And it helped a bit. (Deep breath). I truly am at a better place than I've been in just about three years.
And THAT, my friends, is something to celebrate!
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