Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy Subsiding

Army has departed for the land of hurricanes and retirees and apparently, intel officers. 

And if you asked me how I felt about it, well…the less than straight answer you would receive would inevitably  depend on the time of day, day of the week and/or what sappy movie I’d watched recently (last night it was the Notebook – BIG mistake). 

So if I’ve been quiet, it’s mostly to do with that. 

It’s also to do with the fact that I was out EVERY night last week (a recent record for me). Taking advantage of the culinary wonder that IS Restaurant Week in DC, meeting up with friends and playing host to my little cousin en entourage amounting to  4 – 22 yr. old girls in my shoebox of an apartment on Thursday evening. Besides the logistical challenges of sleeping accommodations, it was a relatively easy hosting experience – I took them out for dinner and then pointed them in the direction of the Front Page Thursday Free for All, handed them the keys to the apartment and sent them on their way!

Friday found me home from work just after 5 with plans to meet a friend from high school for HH at 6. I came in, dropped my stuff, climbed into bed for a 20 minute power nap, then hauled my ass out of bed, quickly primped and rallied. 

When I got home around 9, I was LOVING being in my bed, curled up with my cats, a book and the Olympics. (I was out-cold asleep by 9:30). So thank goodness I had the trusty TiVo running and I got to see M. Phelps’ “Fingernail Gold” the next morning.

I have to say though, without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of last week was drinks on Saturday night with Crazy Bitch at Fado, where the ENTIRE bar was watching the Men’s Medley Relay and M. Phelps’ historic 8th Olympic god. Following the end of the race, the ENTIRE bar sang the national anthem. It was definitely memorable.

That’s all the update I can muster on this Monday morning, kids. 

Hopefully my life will be calming down a bit, but knowing me that prediction isn’t very likely. I will TRY to update more, but I make no promises.

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