Wednesday, February 7, 2007

YOS Status Report (1 of 12)

And so, dear friends. We are 1/12th of the way through 2007, I thought I’d provide you with a YOS status report. If you will recall, the goals of Year Of Scarlett were to take better care of myself (go to the gym, be healtier, go to the dr.); be productive; take better care of friendships, get rid of negative drama-covered people. 

How are we doing so far? Let’s recap, shall we? 

Days in the Gym: 13
Trips to the Vending Machine: 8 (BOO - I know)
Pounds Lost: 5 (Lost 8, Gained 3)
Hangovers: 2
Milestones: Broke up with Canadian (twice now – once over NYE, once last Tuesday night). I believe this is a milestone because #1. I have proven that I can stand up for myself and say 'I will not be treated this way' 'I'm better than this' and 'this is NOT what I want'. While I have always been a strong woman - and am the first to get feisty and kick some ass defending my friends, I have always been reluctant to stand up for myself where relationships are concerned. A product of being a middle child? Having braces and glasses as a kid? Not getting a pony at the age of 7? Who knows. Secondly this is indeed a first for me as I recognized that something was bad for me despite wanting it at the same time - and saying 'no'. 

Fell in love lust with The Russian and am trying my hand at a HEALTHY relationship. This is definitely a first. And a journey into new territory. I hope I have throurally prepared him and having known me for the better part of a decade he has a fair idea of what he's in for (quick temper, passionate, flirty, uber social, a tad crazy). If nothing else, it should be a wild ride. 

COMING UP - February is off to a FANTASTIC start! My workouts and diet are all in line (can i just say thighs and @ss.....OOOWWW! i'm in pain. whimper. fuss fuss.) But I WILL be skinny, toned dammit.

Singles awareness day is coming up - and while the Russian will arrive in town shortly after these cherubic festivities - I will be spending the dreaded Hallmark Holiday alone. 

Anyone feel like cracking open a bottle of red with me??

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